the raw internet design difference

RAW Internet Design are different to other web developers - in a good way!

We believe there are only two good reasons to own a website - to help you make more money, to save you money or both.

Take a look at the website's of most other web developers and you'll find that they pretty much all say the same kind of things; things like... " eye-catching designs", "we get results" or "our award winning team of...".

Generally you'll find that most web developers fall into one of three categories:

1/ Cheapest in town

Low cost is their big selling point. We have seen some offers like 99 page websites for $99.00. Think about it, even if it only took 20 minutes to make each page that means they are charging around $3.00 per hour. Most of the time what you will actually be getting is a copy of some free software and a template that you could have downloaded yourself (if you knew where to look).

We are certainly not the cheapest web designers in town but, our rates are highly competitive and very reasonable for what you receive.

We only quote fixed prices... there will never be any hidden charges.

We do not sub-contract work to overseas programmers.

Low cost websites
2/ The Impressionists

Many designers seem to believe that "wow-factor", "eye-popping design" and "making a big impression" are the most important considerations in building a website and, for some particular sites that may well be true. A clean and professional appearance is important but, the Internet is full of amazing looking sites that failed to achieve their objectives. Most of the world's highly successful websites actually have very straightforward designs.

For the majority of small to medium businesses, people won't be visiting your site for entertainment purposes. They will be there to find a specific piece of information... make it easy for them.

Eye catching designs
3/ The Technophiles

These can easily be identified by their use of phrases like "cutting-edge technology" and the liberal use of industry jargon.

If you are being spoken to in acronyms or being told things like "we use the latest version of xxxxx software" then contact us. We really only care about your goals for your website and how we can help you achieve them, everything else is of minor importance.

If, for example, you were deciding to buy a new table for your dining room... you would think about how the table will look in your home, how it will benefit your lifestyle and then balance that against the cost. Most people wouldn't care what brand of saw was used to build the table. Choosing your website should be similar. How well will your site represent your business? How will it benefit your business? How do the percieved benefits measure against the cost?

Latest web technology
So what makes RAW Internet Design different?

Our experience and expertise is in sales and marketing and knowing how small to medium sized business works. We view your website as a tool to help you achieve your business goals, not be the goal. We see our job as providing you with a tool that will help make your business more profitable, whether that be by increasing your sales, saving you money or both. Yes, price, design and technology are important but only of minor importance compared to the big picture - growing your business.

Please contact me, Tony Shearer, to arrange a free, no obligation discussion about using the Internet to help you grow your business. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Web deisgn with a difference